Applying to IRSC

Are you interested in a career in Public Service?
If you answered yes, you have come to the right place. Our complex offers extensive training in Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, Fire Science, Human Services, Paralegal Studies, and Public Administration. The first steps in getting started in one of these rewarding career paths are below.
The first step in any of our academic or academy programs is to apply to Indian River State College (IRSC).
In addition to our outstanding programs, IRSC offers:
  • Small Classes with professors who help you succeed
  • Reasonable tuition and many scholarships and financial aid opportunities
  • One-Stop Student Services
Do you have existing college credit? Be sure to request any college transcripts you might have in addition to your high school transcript or GED.
All of our academies and degree programs require a high school diploma.
The easiest way to request your transcripts is by the form below.
Paying for classes is always an important topic when deciding to go to college.
We're here to help make that easier.
Filling out your FAFSA is an important step in your application process. Be sure to keep an eye on the deadlines. The earlier you get your application in the better your chance of receiving aid. 
Scholarship opportunities are also available!
Speaking to your academic advisor or your perspective department directly can save you time when completing the application process. 
Academy and Track Programs
These programs have unique requirements for selection. Please visit our "Academies/Vocational Programs" section of the website for more information on deadlines and the selection process. If you have specific questions pertaining to a program, please contact the program department directly.
Degree Programs
For more information on enrolling in classes, please speak with your academic advisor. They can help you sign-up for the correct classes for each semester.