Fire Academy Track Program

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Are you interested in obtaining an Associate degree and obtaining a vocation certificate for the Basic Recruit Fire Academy?

The Fire Science Academy Track is a two-year degree program designed to provide the student with the skills, abilities, and education to be successful in the fire service. The Fire Academy Track program will expose the student to a strong educational foundation in general education and fire science courses as a member of a cohort. Students will learn to function as a member of a team through instruction and team-building exercises.

During this program, students will complete:

  • An Associate in Science Degree in Fire Science Technology
  • The Emergency Medical Technology Program
  • The Basic Fire Recruit Academy

Upon completion, students will be eligible for certification as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in the State of Florida. 

The final semester of the two-year degree program will be the Basic Fire Recruit Academy. Participation in this final phase of training will be solely dependent on the student successfully completing all the required coursework prior to entrance into the Basic Fire Recruit Academy.

This program is designed to prepare students to demonstrate the following program outcomes:
  1. Communicate effectively fire science related data, reports, projects, and case studies through oral presentations, written reports, or demonstrations.
  2. Identify the components of building construction that relate to the fire service.
  3. Identify the history, philosophy, and management of the fire service, fire prevention, fire investigation, fire codes, and fire and life safety education.
  4. Demonstrate the theories and principles of water in fire protection and extinguishment and apply hydraulic principles to calculate water flow rates and supply needs.
  5. Demonstrate the theories and fundamentals of how and why fires start, spread, and how they are controlled.
Many different career paths exist within the fire science field. With both an A.S. in Fire Science Technology and the Fire Academy, your career options greatly expand. 
A few of the possible career options are:
Career Opportunity General Salary Range*
Municipal Firefighter $27,241-$68,001
*Salary ranges represent typical starting salaries to highly experienced workers. These ranges can differ depending on city, county, and state.
To learn more about pay ranges, growth, and local job posting,
please visit:
Career Coach Link
After graduation, obtaining a certification and/or joining an association can be one of the most important steps that you can make in your career development. These steps can provide everything from career advancement to industry recognition.
Below are a few of the industry-specific certifications and associations that can help you develop your career.
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Dr. Alfred H. Williams V
Associate Professor, Department Chair