Overview of Facilities & Resources

The Vernon Smith Public Safety Education Building is the Complex's main building with classroom and administrative space for the Public Service Education faculty and staff. Additionally, the building is home to the highly sophisticated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) featuring a "cube wall” of television screens which can access multiple feeds, including national news, local reports, the Internet and live views of activities in progress throughout the Complex, as well as from a Satellite-Linked Communications Vehicle. The building also features mock courtroom, human services counseling suite and paralegal studies law library.

The Frank and LeVan Fee Physical and High Liability Training Building provides a large format seminar and banquet facility, a defensive tactics training lab, and a 300 degree use-of-force training simulator incorporating virtual reality technology to create realistic and potentially hostile scenarios that require officers and recruits to exhibit good judgment, sound decisions and a quick response.

The Alan and Katherine Bernstein Tactical Training Building provides a unique, moveable wall system that allows for multiple structural configurations for SWAT teams search and rescue, hostage negotiation and maneuvers, simunitions training, active countermeasures and distraction device techniques.

The Robert H. Burroughs Fire Station and Training Center is a replicated fire station featuring classrooms in place of living quarters. Adjacent to the Station is a seven-story Fire Training Tower (Florida's largest), a five-story, Class-A burn building and gas-fed Burn Field, allowing fire science students and professionals to learn the latest techniques in fire suppression and victim extrication.

A 12-lane indoor firearms range features moving targets and simulated environmental conditions to train criminal justice recruits as well as local professionals in the use of hand-guns and techniques for various active shooter scenarios.

The Neill-Chapin Regional Crime Lab conducts forensics, toxicology, and crime analyses for the 19thJudicial Circuit of Florida.