IRSC Offers Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. Advance your career with a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice or Public Administration with a specialization in Public Policy and Leadership or Emergency Planning and Management.

April 18th - National Registry Exam EMT Review
This one-day course will prepare you to successfully complete the National Registry EMT exam through identifing your topic areas of strength and weakness and helping you master specific study preparation and test-taking techniques. The course provides a comprehensive take home study guide incorporating the National Education Standards and the AHA CPR standards reviews many exam questions throughout the day and gives you access to a take home online code to EMT Review Plus from Limmer Creative. You will have unlimited internet access to over 1,100 practice test questions.
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May 7th-9th - Firefighter Surival Course
This physical, hands-on course will teach you skills needed to save yourself while waiting for a Rapid Intervention Team. 
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May 30th-31st - Florida State Exam Paramedic Review
This two-day course will prepare you to successfully complete the Florida State Paramedic Certification exam, identify your topic areas of strength and weakness, assist you in mastering specific test-taking and study preparation techniques, review several hundred practice questions and provide you with a comprehensive study guide.
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