Equivalency of Training (EOT)

Thank you for your interest in obtaining your Florida law enforcement certification. The EOT process enables one to become exempt from having to complete the Florida Basic Recruit Training Program (BRTP). It is for qualified out-of-state officers, federal officers, Special Operations Forces and previously certified Florida officers pursuant to section 943.131(2) Florida Statutes and 11B-35.009(4)(5) Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Please see 11B-35.009 F.A.C. for more details.

You may be eligible for an exemption from the full basic recruit training if you meet the following requirements.

 1. You worked at least one year, full-time (40 hours per week) as a sworn officer in the discipline you are seeking exemption and;

 2. You received training in that discipline which is comparable to Florida's full basic recruit curriculum or;

 3. You were previously certified in Florida but have a four-year break in service.

You cannot have more than an eight-year break in employment as an officer. The break in employment is measured from the separation date of the most recent qualifying employment to the time a complete application requesting an exemption from training is submitted to a Criminal Justice Training Center like the Criminal Justice Institute at Indian River State College (IRSC). If you are granted an exemption, you will need to complete an EOT demonstrating proficiency in all high liabilities and pass the Florida State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE) in your discipline within one (1) year of receiving the approved Equivalency-of-Training form CJSTC 76.

Applying for an Exemption

If you would like to apply for an exemption from the full basic recruit training, please:

  1. Complete the EOT Application and Letter of Understanding below;
  2. Gather the supporting documentation listed in the EOT Application for evaluation and; 
  3. Mail or email (pdf) all of the above and retain the originals for your records.

If you are deemed eligible, we will issue you an Equivalency-of-Training form CJSTC 76 authorizing you to enroll in an EOT at any Florida Criminal Justice Training Center and demonstrate proficiency in the high liabilities.  The Equivalency-of-Training form CJSTC 76 expires after 12-months so it is important to know which you plan on attending before submitting the application.  

EOT are scheduled based on demand. The next two-day EOT are Dec 3 & 4, and Dec 10 & 11. An extra third day may be needed, so plan travel accordingly, Once your application is approved, you may only register for one session. The EOT uniform is a professional t-shirt or Polo shirt, BDUs, comfortable closed-toed shoes, and a belt that can support a handgun and magazines. 

You must be proficient in all high liabilities when you arrive as the EOT is not designed to train new concepts or even review the basics. However, TCPSTC offers a Refresher Familiarization (minimum 3 hours per high liability area).

Refresher Familiarization Fees: 

          1 High Liability Area = $225.00

          2 High Liability Areas = $450.00

          3 High Liability Areas = $675.00

          4 High Liability Areas = $900.00

If you are unable to attend, pass or fail, all fees are non-refundable.    

Attending proficiency in high liabilities must be paid in full prior to the first day of class and is subject to change without notice. Costs associated with the EOT are: 

Application Fee – $100 for previously certified in Florida officer and $350 for non-Florida and Federal officers;

Law Enforcement EOT Tuition $1022.68

Retake one high liabilty proficiency area for Defensive Tactics or First Aid, $300.00. 

Retake one high liabilty proficiency area for Vehicle Operations, $400.00.

Retake one high liabilty proficiency area for Firearms, $600.00.

Please note that Rule 11b mandates that all EOT participants complete Commission-approved training in Recognizing Head Injuries in Infants and Children, Identifying and Investigating Elder Abuse and Neglect, Identifying and Investigating Human Trafficking, and Sexual Assault Investigations. All four courses may be taken online, free of charge. Applicants must submit original completed training certificates for each course to the training center.

State Officer Certification Exam (SOCE) is availabe at our facility every Monday and Tuesday. This is a separate registration process and may or may not be in conjunction with the EOT.  You are solely responsible for registering and paying a separate fee of $100.  To register for the SOCE, go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/FDLE/.

Please contact David Lefont at dlefont@irsc.edu or  772-462-7975 for more information on RefresherTraining and State Officer Certification Review. 

Please email your questions to David Lefont dlefont@irsc.edu