Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is 288-hours of comprehensive study in supervisory and management philosophies, as well as their practical application.  This specially selected set of six FDLE-approved courses will strengthen aspiring and current leaders’ abilities to inspire and influence others, and prepare for positions of greater responsibility.

To earn the Leadership Certificate, students must complete all of the courses and then apply for graduation.  To maximize learning and success, it is strongly recommended that the classes be taken sequentially, as listed.  Most courses have pre-requisites, however requests for exemptions may be presented for consideration.

  1. CJ Leader Ethics (24 hours) – This course provides a critical examination of conduct and ethics of criminal justice supervisors, managers, and leaders, focusing on topics that may give rise to civil liability concerns. The course also provides a critical examination of decision-making skills and human relations within agencies.
  2. Florida General Instructor Techniques (64 hours) – This course introduces the student to the role, responsibilities, skills, knowledge, and expectations of a successful instructor.  Students will learn to facilitate discussions and build instructional abilities and techniques with and without electronic resources.  These skills are fundamental to all leaders.  Students should have the intent of becoming an instructor in their agency or at the CJI.
  3. Line Supervision (80 hours) – This course provides current and future leaders with philosophical content and practical exercises in basic supervisory and management skills.  It uses “real-world” videos, case studies, situational role-playing, and lecture presentations to help prepare students in becoming effective as a new leader in an agency.  Students must have the intent of becoming a leader in their agency.
  4. Middle Management (40 hours) – This is an advanced leadership course providing an introduction to the typical duties and responsibilities of a middle manager in a criminal justice agency.  The curriculum focuses on leadership principles used at the staff level by reinforcing communication and interpersonal skills; cultivating planning and problem solving methods; exploring stress and crisis management techniques; examining diversity and ethical issues; discussing agency liability and policy development; and exploring organizational design and budgets.  Students should be graduates of the Line Supervision course, and either aspire to or hold a position of agency leadership before taking this class.
  5. Building & Maintaining a Sound Behavioral Climate (40 hours) – This course provides leaders with the techniques needed to build and maintain a sound behavioral climate in an agency.  Students will learn about human resource management, performance management, and effective communication.  Students should be graduates of the Line Supervision course and also be serving in a supervisory or management role.
  6. Developing & Maintaining a Sound Organization (40 hours) – This is an advanced leadership course presenting the techniques needed to develop and maintain a sound organization.  Students will learn about organizational theories and structures, as well as how to establish organizational accountability and lead through change.  This course is considered the capstone of the Leadership Certificate.  Students must be graduates of the Middle Management course and serve in a supervisory or management role within their agency.

Questions or comments regarding this certificate should be addressed to Darren Mingear at (772) 462-7941. More information about this program is also available at the CJI Leadership Academy weebly page