Academy Track Program

This two year degree program provides the student with the opportunity to obtain an Associate in Science Degree in Fire Science Technology, and complete the Basic Fire Recruit Academy and Emergency Medical Technology Programs. Upon completion, students will be eligible for certification as a firefighter and emergency medical technician in the State of Florida. 
The Academy Track, A.S. Degree in Fire Science is a degree program designed to provide the student with the skills, abilities, and education for a successful fire science career. The track program will expose the student to a strong educational foundation in collegiate level general education and major field fire science courses. The student will learn to function as a member of a team through instruction and team building exercises.
The final semester of the two-year degree program will be the Basic Fire Recruit Academy. Participation in this final phase of training will be solely dependent on the student successfully completing all the required course work prior to entrance into the Basic Fire Recruit Academy. Upon successful completion of the Academy, the student will be required to pass the State of Florida Fire Certification Examination.