Public Policy & Leadership Concentration

Are you ready to be a leader in the public administration field?

The Policy and Leadership concentration is designed for people who want to be managers and leaders in their organizations. Many of our students choose this concentration to prepare them for management positions for their current employer while others use it to establish a solid foundation for a public-sector career. Students who enroll in this concentration will gain a solid foundation in strategic planning, public personnel management, and leadership. 

This program is designed to prepare students to demonstrate the following program outcomes:

  1. Recognize the context and history of public administration in the United States and examine the role of leaders and leadership in the public sector
  2. Demonstrate an analytical approach to establish public policies and programs
  3. Implement techniques for performance measurement and the evaluation of public policies and programs
  4. Develop an understanding of the role of public budget in the governance process
  5. Defend the complexities of managing human resources in the public sector
  6. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate verbally, in writing and electronically
  7. Recognize and understand issues of diversity administration and how diversity impacts organizational behavior
  8. Identify the principles of ethical behavior in public administration
  9. Understanding the value of public relations in the public sector
Many different career paths exist within the public administration field. A B.S. in Public Administration not only provides a strong educational foundation but also expands your option when selecting your future career.
A few of the possible career options are:
Career Opportunity General Salary Range*
Budget Analyst $41,850-$85,097
Management Analyst $36,312-$128,885
*Salary ranges represent typical starting salaries to highly experienced workers. These ranges can differ depending on city, county, and state.
To learn more about pay ranges, growth, and local job posting,
please visit:
After graduation, obtaining a graduate degree and/or joining an association can be one of the most important steps that you can make in your career development. These steps can provide everything from career advancement to industry recognition.
Below is a suggested of the industry-specific Master's degree and associations that can help you develop your career.
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Dr. John Donohue
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