Detective Academy

Are you a current law enforcement officer looking to strengthen your investigation skills?

The Detective Academy Certificate is 240-hours of comprehensive study of investigations philosophy and practical application. These specially selected FDLE-approved courses will strengthen current and aspiring detectives’ abilities to investigate crimes, close cases, and help successfully prosecute criminal offenders.

To earn the Investigator Certificate, students must complete all of the courses and then apply for graduation. 

  1. Introduction to Investigations (formerly Detective Academy) (40 hours)
  2. Interviews & Interrogations (40 hours)
  3. Case Preparation & Court Presentation (40 hours)
  4. Injury & Death Investigations (40 hours)
  5. Conducting Background Investigations (40 hours)
  6. Domestic Intervention & Investigation (40 hours)

These courses are NOT open to the public. You must be a certified law enforcement officer, correctional officer, or employee of a criminal justice agency.

Classes are offered throughout the year and class sizes are limited.

David Lefont
Advanced Training Coordinator