Alan & Katherine Bernstein Tactical Training Building

The 5,000 sq. ft., two-story Alan and Katherine Bernstein Tactical Training Building is constructed with moveable walls creating virtually any structural scenario imaginable for defensive tactics, hostage negotiation, and tactical combat situations. Equipped with a mezzanine catwalk and fully functional rooftop, the building provides observation areas for scenario review and evaluation. Complimenting the tactical training in this Bernstein Building is:
  • A 40-foot deep by 4-acre fresh-water lake provides training opportunities for underwater search and recovery, accident staging and environmental mitigation
  • The Jack and Peggy Scott Driving Range Pavilion &┬áSkid Pad trains students and professionals in tactical and defensive driving
  • An outdoor agility course allows students to maneuver a multitude of obstacles to strengthen critical thinking skills and physical abilities
Thank You to Our Generous Donors